AvEx Virtual

We have not cancelled the event.
However, it seems very unlikely that large gatherings of people will be allowed to happen or safe to happen by this time.
We are planning for both scenarios.
- one, where AvEx takes place as planned, AvEx Real
- and another, where we gather remotely, AvEx Virtual.

We have a lot of ideas for this that we're putting together.
Some are about taking the things that happen in the real world and figuring out how to do them without us all being in the same place.
Some are ideas for things we could do that you would not normally do at an in-person convention.

In either scenario, AvEx Real or AvEx Virtual, we would love help and suggestions from the community on how to make an event we all love.

So, we are scheduling this year's Annual General Meeting for Saturday, April 25 at 5 p.m. NDT online. Everyone is invited to watch, participate, ask questions and offer suggestions.
Further details will come this week, and we'll put together an agenda for the meeting. If you have something you want added to the agenda, let us know.

We would also like to know if there is interest in having a meeting online and open to all each month going forward, as the best events are made by the community.

Stay safe and good luck.